A Major Hiccup

By , November 18, 2012 10:31 am

Damn. Just when it looked as if everything was settled and in place, a large hiccup in travel arrangements has reared its ugly face.

I bought my plane ticket off of Travelocity website back in September. Plenty of time to get ready, get cheap prices and a seat before they fill up. With airlines cutting back on flights due to poor economies, one must plan in advance. Good thing I still have time, as now I have make some changes.

The ticket I bought was for a flight from Seoul, South Korea to Los Angeles CA and a second leg to Pheonix, AZ. The first leg from Seoul looks fine. I checked the airline’s website, Asiana Airlines, for taking pets. Provided there is not crazy weather then, bringing SaTang won’t be a problem. However, the second leg from LAX is on US Airways. Just checking their regulations I find that they no longer accept pets in cargo and that pets in cabin must be under 4kg (8.5lbs). SaTang is close to 7kg. I’m waiting on a response back from their customer relations folks, but I hope to get some answer rather than simply “no.” Maybe a refund, or offer to change airlines to Phoenix…anything. I bought the entire ticket as a “US Airways” flight with a “partner” airlines being Asiana in fine print. I’m hoping that partner relationship that allows pets on the first leg will get them to change their mind about the second leg and figure out a way to get my dog home with me.

If they can’t get past some silly rules, I might have to change airlines at a large cost or worse, drive a rent car at large cost to Phoenix to meet Mark.

We’ll see how this turns out.

One Response to “A Major Hiccup”

  1. Peggy says:

    That sucks. Tell SaTang she must diet!!

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