Thanksgiving 2012

By , October 3, 2012 12:16 am

Another weekend spent in Pohang at the mother-in-law’s house. Although it’s still uncomfortable, things have gotten better.  She did get a small sofa a while back so I can sit and read a book in comfort. Most of the family uses it as a coat hanger, so I have to unbury it before I can use it.  Still no beds and not real chairs so meals are short and sweet – hurry up, pound it down and get up off the floor.

However, the peacefulness of the place is a real draw. I’ve realized that the city, with all the noise, terrible drivers and crowds everywhere is one of the real drags on life here.  I can’t seem to ride a bike anywhere in the city without constant fear of either cars or pedestrians.  Fruit and vegetable trucks are always blaring loudspeakers, hawking their wares and there isn’t a store anywhere that isn’t crowded to the gills and has plentiful parking.

But at mother-in-law’s place, none of that exists. It’s just a quiet little fishing village on the coast. Maybe only 50 or 100 people when it’s not a holiday. No trucks with loudspeakers, no crowds, no parking problems. And riding a bike was completely stress free.

I brought my bike in the car for the holiday and I took a long ride on Sunday.  From mother-in-law’s place to the very tip of the Pohang peninsula is close to 70km.  Not sure because the battery in my phone went out on the way back. But for the entire way, I had sometimes ample shoulder sometimes none, but cars were cool and no one tried to kill me.  I came back relaxed and stressfree.

Beautiful ride, by the way, with the ocean on one side, the mountains on the other and lots of hills and peaceful villages along the way.

A few other pictures from this weekend, also.  Our neice, GaEun, is a little over 3 years old. These days, she’s very talkative. I teach her English when I can and she spits it right back out. She liked hanging with me and MyeongHee, who she calls “gomo” which is Korean for father’s sister. She sometimes calls me gomobu (husband of the father’s sister) or sometimes just Martin. The family knows I’m not into titles like they do and they’ve started using names for each other as well. Almost 7 years, but I’m actually learning names of these people.


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  1. Jessie says:

    It is sweet of her to finally get a comfy place for you to sit down. And GaEun looks like TONS of fun! She has gotten so big 🙂

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