Basic is Done

By , August 26, 2012 9:36 am

MyeongHee’s son DongHyun finished his basic training this week. The Army gave the boys an afternoon to spend with family and so MyeongHee, her mom and her brother went to see him. I couldn’t go as I have a relatively new job and couldn’t ask off.   But MyeongHee was happy to see her boy. Five weeks is a long time – he’s only been gone for a five days at university prior to this, so she was a little excited to see him – and see to have him go back in at the end of the afternoon.

Happy Mom with her slimmed down son


DongHyun with his Grandma and Uncle

I would have liked to have gone, and felt bad that I didn’t.  But not all the family was there – another Uncle, MyeongHee’s younger brother and his family didn’t go, neither did her older brother’s kids, although his wife (not pictured) came.   Had I been the only one not there I’d have felt worse.

So now that basic training is done, he’s back in training for driving school. He’ll become a driver of sorts for his tour of duty. Truck, tank, car – who knows.  They’ll tell him later.

As for me, I’m more than ready to get back to America. I’ve been looking at flights and dates to come home.  I was thinking I might find a job before I got there, but that’s proving to be just too much. I think companies want to interview in person, and no one is going to fly me over for that from this far away.  I’ve resigned to get a job after I get home but I’m still looking and applying now.  I guess it doesn’t do any harm to try. There are lots of jobs for folks who can develop mobile phone apps, and I think there are lots of people moving from job to job, making pickings easier than having to fly an interviewee from Korea over.

Flights back home are expensive, by the way. Not finding anything less that $1000 for a one-way trip unless I want to spend 60+ hours on multiple stops. Since I’ll be bringing my dog SaTang again, that’s just not going to happen.   When I came home last year, it was about $1600 round trip. Lots of tickets now are $1300 and up for just one way.

Weather wise, it’s been really hot and sticky for the past two weeks.  From mid weeek it’s been raining and on Monday or Tuesday we’re set for a typhoon coming our way. We haven’t had any this year and none last year, so I guess we’re due. Looks like a big one, although it’s clear skies today.  Batten down the hatches come early this week, though.


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