August Games

By , August 13, 2012 2:23 pm

With the Olympics, MyeongHee and I were in front of the TV almost every night. Unlike America, the Korea TV channels are not limited by a singular contract and so we had a couple of of channels to choose from. Still, we were stuck watching the events Koreans enjoy (and are good at) such as badminton, ping pong, fencing and other things decent Americans don’t concern themselves with.

Naturally, in the absence of an American, I rooted for the Korean team. However, there were a few times when something would have both a Korean team and an American team and the living room got heated with us both cheering for our respective countries.  The Women’s Volleyball was rough, but after the Koreans got whipped, I cheered for them against the Japanese, who are the Koreans’ arch nemesis in both sports and global politics. Sure, the news is always about North and South Korea, but here it’s the Japanese they really love to hate.

My new jobs aren’t as cool as I was told they’d be. S-Oil was supposed to be 9 hours a week, but with executive schedules, I’m likely going to get 2/3 of that – and the pay along with it.  I no longer have scads of little kids to deal with, and that’s nice, but a little more job security would be good, too.  I just keep telling myself how much long I have to deal with this – 5.5months as of this writing – and then I’ll move back to the USA.    I hope there are jobs there when I get there.

Not much else going on here.  Hope all is well back home.


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