By , July 21, 2012 10:19 am

The house is quiet these days.  DongHyun left for the Army early on the 16th.  He’d been working nights and would come home around 1:00am and sleep most of the day. But now it’s just empty. The two dogs seem a little disconcerted, but they’ll bounce back.  MyeongHee has been a little sad, as most mothers would. She won’t be able to contact him for 5 weeks and then only briefly.

Summer has finally hit here in Korea. It has been fairly mild until late July. We had some torrential rains – no typhoons, but a good tropical storm – followed by very hot and humid weather.  We’ve got about 6 weeks or so of this and then the fabulous fall weather begins. I look forward to that time.

All the clothes that no longer fit me have been to bother me greatly. I called Jessica and set her off shopping for a couple pairs of pants. No sense shopping here – there just isn’t clothes in my size that can be easily obtained. Oh, sure, there are Korean men my size, and they wear pants. But shopping has never been a joy but it was at least interesting when I could walk into a shop and actually find something. Here it’s hit or miss if I can even find something in my size AND I like the style. Simply just easier to have Jessie ship something I know will work.

As the title suggest, it’s quiet here. Not much else going on, except work, websites and lots of bike riding.  More later as it happens.


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