June 30. Half a year already?

By , June 30, 2012 1:18 pm

With the inferno finished two weeks ago I thought I might get some more free time. Apparently that’s not in store. 
We started a new section of our website called “The Official Word” that is a band-aid for the lack of information available to non-Korean speaking residents.  The police dept contacted me to help disseminate official information on our site.  That’s quite a turn around from just two years ago when I met with them. Back then the official answer for questions on laws, rules and regulations was “you should tell your readers they need to learn Korean.”  Ulsan is still a long way from being truly multicultural but it is getting better. 

Also I’ve begun the process of training my replacement at ulsanonline.com.  While there is another editor and several other writers there is one and only one geek – me.  Our Site is far beyond a simple news or blog site and incorporates numerous scripts and applications such high as bus route searches,  mapping and movie listings.  Without a geek to maintain things there would be no one to insert ads in to pages or update bus information.  With a training program I’ll be teaching my way out of a job and back home without having to stay tethered to the Site and city.

Our lease runs out January 30 – a mere 7 months away.  Unless I land a tech job at home before I’ll be back in the USA sometime after January.  Myeonghee’s son Donghyun got his notice this week to show up at boot camp and leaves July 16. Big changes at our house.
The inferno was a big hit by the way.  Over 35 riders on bikes, scooters and motorcycles competed.  I planned the majority of the course and being both a bicyclist and scooter fan I wanted to give equal possibility to engines or pedals.  I built in points for inclines for bikes and was pleased that the top four teams were motorcycle, bikes, bikes and scooters respectively. After the ride we grilled burgers at a rooftop bar and partied into the wee hours.

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