Fun in the City – Not

By , May 8, 2012 9:19 am

Have you heard this one?  A guy walks in to a bar and has a few beers. The bartender runs a tab and on the third beer the guy wants to pay – for one beer. The bartender argues the guy hasn’t paid for any beers and the guy argues he has.  The argument gets louder, curses fly and the bartender orders the guy out of the bar. The guy picks up a bar stool and begins to swing it at the bartender. Two others guys watching immediately jump up, force the guy to drop the bar stool and then unceremoniously hustle the guy out of the bar and down the stairs.

End of story, you think?  Not in Korea.

The guy was a Korean and he claimed that the the two foreigner guys who threw him out beat him up on the way down the stairs.  So he called the police.  Despite there being multiple witnesses who told the police the Korean guy was an ass and, no, no beat him up, the police continue to play out the story with  multiple visits to the police station for questioning.  Apparently the guy self-inflicted a few minor scratch wounds on himself and wants to press charges.

In any other land, they’d run the guy off telling him he should have paid his bill. End of story. Not here in Korea. With no self defense law, anyone hurt by another, even if he started the fight, has the right to sue.  So even though the Korean guy picked up a bar stool and was about to smash someone or something before being stopped, he can claim is owed damages because the guys who stopped him hurt him.  Essentially, it’s who ever is hurt worse gets paid. It’s no wonder Korean middle aged men, are such assholes.  Get in somebody face and start a fight only to lose and collect cash.

I was one of the two who threw the guy out of the bar. I’ve been to the police station once, and not sure if they want me to come back. The Korean guy has no witnesses that saw him get beat up, but he swears it’s true and the police listen. Meanwhile, I have witnesses that swear he didn’t get beat up but simply pushed out of the bar. We’ll see who wins.

One Response to “Fun in the City – Not”

  1. Lisa says:

    I remember reading something years ago that the 2 groups of people who will always need other Koreans to vouch for the veracity of their stories when it comes to police/legal matters are foreigners and the intellectually disabled. Nice-uh!

    Good for you for helping out though. I suspect many folks wouldn’t have, especially given the well-known repercussions of doing so in Korea. I always found it sad that such an advanced country is so backwards when it comes to helping their fellow man.

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