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A Major Hiccup

By , November 18, 2012 10:31 am

Damn. Just when it looked as if everything was settled and in place, a large hiccup in travel arrangements has reared its ugly face.

I bought my plane ticket off of Travelocity website back in September. Plenty of time to get ready, get cheap prices and a seat before they fill up. With airlines cutting back on flights due to poor economies, one must plan in advance. Good thing I still have time, as now I have make some changes.

The ticket I bought was for a flight from Seoul, South Korea to Los Angeles CA and a second leg to Pheonix, AZ. The first leg from Seoul looks fine. I checked the airline’s website, Asiana Airlines, for taking pets. Provided there is not crazy weather then, bringing SaTang won’t be a problem. However, the second leg from LAX is on US Airways. Just checking their regulations I find that they no longer accept pets in cargo and that pets in cabin must be under 4kg (8.5lbs). SaTang is close to 7kg. I’m waiting on a response back from their customer relations folks, but I hope to get some answer rather than simply “no.” Maybe a refund, or offer to change airlines to Phoenix…anything. I bought the entire ticket as a “US Airways” flight with a “partner” airlines being Asiana in fine print. I’m hoping that partner relationship that allows pets on the first leg will get them to change their mind about the second leg and figure out a way to get my dog home with me.

If they can’t get past some silly rules, I might have to change airlines at a large cost or worse, drive a rent car at large cost to Phoenix to meet Mark.

We’ll see how this turns out.


By , June 7, 2012 11:12 am

Things are still really busy here working on two websites, one newspaper and a major annual event planning.  The newspaper articles are done and into the editor. My second website, a freelance design and programming gig is nearly launched and and our annual event, is 9 days away and very close to being ready to go.  I am amazed how much I can get done while working my teaching jobs as well. One day, someone or some company will benefit from all that insomnia and get a boat load of work out me. But in the meantime, I’m doing most of this for either small money or none at all.

I’m still applying for techno-jobs as they come up. Last week I applied for one in Las Vegas, NV that was a web design and programming job.  I got further than most of the applications I had sent and the recruiter and I talked  extensively on the phone and on email. She had me take a programming test that the company desired applicants take. It was much more difficult than I thought, but I completed it (in about 12 hours) and sent it back in only to get silence from the company once she submitted my resume to them.  No worries, as there is still plenty of time left on my lease here before moving back to the USA to find a job. I’ll find one once I’m there if not before. I suspect that a lot of companies will want to interview before hiring and so taking a chance on a high priced plane flight from South Korea to the USA for an interview might just be a budget buster and far easier once I’m in the states permanently.

Here’s one for all the “Obama Care” haters in the US.  I went to the dentist last week. I’d been having some tooth pain and thought I’d better check it out.  Every time I ate something hard it hurt like hell.  I picked a dentist from a crowd of several near our apartment and went in, knowing my Korean skills might make this tough. Anyway, the dentist and I muddled through the consultation well enough.  But the big news was that I had no insurance. Yes, I’m a gambler. I’m a healthy guy and don’t get sick much. It’s a gamble that I’ll less in health care than I would by paying for insurance. Also, by working a myriad of part time jobs I have no full time job that offers health insurance.  The dentist and the nurses all “tsk-tsked” me for not having insurance and I thought I was in for a big chunk of cash out of my wallet.  So, they went through their routine, took x-rays, cleaned my teeth and checked out a cracked tooth, part of the source of my pain. I also had developed a gum infection from the crack that added to some general pain in the jaw.  They didn’t fix the cracked tooth, as that’s a bigger deal. But I did get some meds, an injection and a serious cleaning. So, all told, anyone want to take a guess on how much uninsured dental maintenance costs? About $43.  That includes the x-ray, cleaning, meds and consultation on what to do about the crack.  You can barely walk in the door for that much in the USA.  How do they do it? Each time a patient visits a doctor, dentist or hospital the patient pays some and the government pays some.  If you have insurance, the bill is reduced as the insurance kicks in some, too.  How can they afford to pay for all that healthcare? They don’t spend more money on military and defense than the entire rest of the world combined, which is what the USA does.  So, here’s the editorial part?  Does the USA really need to spend so damn much money on the military?  Are we safer for having spent nearly a trillion $ in Iraq? Did going to Afgahnistan and spending another trillion $ make you sleep better at night? Is that country even close to being any better off than when we got there or when the Russians left? (or even when they came?).   Do we really have to have 50,000 tropps in Germany?  60 years after the war?  And another 75,000 troops in Japan and Korea?  Really? Shave a few percentage points off that enormous military budget and spend it on your own people.  Ok, editorial done.

Yesterday, June 6th, was a holiday in Korea. It was memorial day and commemorates the day North Korea stormed into South Korea in 1950 and kicked their butts nearly all the way down to Busan.   I was off work and several friends and I went rock climbing, still a favorite past time.   I thought I’d drop a few pictures here.

Me and my pups, Sparky and SaTang. Both got close shaves for summer. In the back, Nick prepares to go up


TaShane, a Canadian, always loves the dogs

Kelly, a South African, gives Sparky some lovin

From left: Matt, Joe (Americans) and TaShane, while EonYong, Joe's Korean gf comes down

Joe takes a hard route while his girlfriend EonYong, relaxes and watches

That’s about all the news from this end of the world.  Hope everyone is well back home.


Valley Picnic

By , July 24, 2011 9:53 pm

Summer is 2/3rds over and we haven’t been out much. Of course, it hasn’t been much of a summer so far. We’ve only had the air-conditioning on one weekend this summer. Today wasn’t much different. It was actually cloudy and overcast with occassional very light sprinkles. We decided we’d brace the weather and head out to our favorite river picnic area in the mountains.

This is near Seoknamsa, a temple for nuns way up in the mountains. We’ve had a decent amount of rain this summer so the river was still flowing well.

MyeongHee and I pose on a couple of rocks with ancient Hanja writing. She can read a bit but wasn’t sure what they said

Both the dogs followed me around the stream, mostly on the rocks. SaTang really doesn’t like water so she’d go way around to cross over a 2 foot jump. Sparky is a little more brave, and although she doesn’t like the water much either she was having fun jumping from rock to rock and didn’t care to go around.

The water was actually pretty cold. Not Rocky-mountain snow-melt cold, but cold enough that neither of us wanted to get more than our feet wet. Consequently, when the dogs did get wet, they shivered and shook and MyeongHee wanted to dry them off.

Sparky gets a toweling off while SaTang watches all the other people in the river

All three of my girls pose for a picture


While we were there, we spent some time wandering around the hills and letting the dogs run in the forest. With a little steam worked off, we sat down for a Korean picnic: grilled pork with garlic and red bean paste wrapped in lettuce leaves.  Yum.  Washed it down with a few beers and then settled back to relax against the rocks. MyeongHee had heard about “Angry Birds” a mobile phone game that has become very popular and she spent an hour or so wearing out the battery in my phone.

It was a pretty lazy day, actually, which is just what the Dr. ordered.  July has been really busy with 11 hour days for me. I just picked up another class for August, so that will be almost as busy – the first week is vacation at one of my three jobs, so I’ll only have a split day starting at 10 and finishing at 8:30pm with the entire afternoon off.


Fabulous Fall Weekend Weather

By , November 7, 2010 10:27 pm

This weekend the weather was outstanding. We took advantage and visited the arboretum, which prior to this weekend we didn’t even know existed. A friend of mine, Aaron, put together a small get-together at the place and we just followed the map. Turns out the Arboretum is a finely hidden gem tucked into the hills around just off the coast.  The people running it are very friendly and were quite happy to let people touch, pet and even hold the animals.

I turned into a snake handler

The Arboretum is more than just trees and plants, although those are there in abundance. The have a small zoo with a bird area you can walk through (and get pooped on) a reptile area and a small section of rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs and mice which serve as lunch for the reptiles. In the above picture, I held a medium size Burmese Python.  I’m not a big snake fan, but this one was kind of pretty and the caretaker just handed him over to me.  MyeongHee wouldn’t have anything to do with the snakes – or with me once I’d handled it. She’s got a phobia of snakes. She ran around the corner and I had to get Aaron to takes pictures of me with my camera.

This snake was really calm

Aaron tries on the python while the much much bigger one still sits in the pen behind him. Although its hard to see in this picture, the one behind is as big around as my calf.

Myeonghee was happy with the bird they let her hold. But even that didn’t last long. She held this little thing for a minute and then passed it off to the kid just behind her.

We brought both dogs and initially put them on leashes. They don’t get out to much free and open space much – other than the park across the street – so they were pulling hard to explore. We let them off and let them run around and they loved it. They’re both crashed on the sofa now from so much running today.

Me and my pups. Satang is on the left and Sparky is on the right

MyeongHee held the dogs, too, but they would not hold still and all the pictures are of her not smiling but scowling at the dogs

I cannot resist a waterfall. The fish in this small pond were Jaws size koi.

MyeongHee is a sheep, according to the Asian zodiac. They had statues of all 12. I am a rat and can do without having my picture next to my rat. But the red maples make a nice background

Inside the greenhouse, the tropical plants formed a canopy over us

Aarons son Jamon had lots of fun holding Sparkys leash. Not sure who was leading who really

We only stayed at the arboretum for a couple of hours. Although it was really pretty, it was relatively small – perhaps a mere 10 acres. We left the group and took the dogs to Ulsan Grand Park and let them run a bit more. We had a ball in the car so we went into the overly crowded park. Satang chased the ball while Spark chased SaTang and both dogs drew a crowd of onlookers.  SaTang seems to sense the roar of the crowd and puts on a good show of running and jumping.

Only one of eight paws are on the ground in this high speed action and that one of Sparkys is just barely touching

We played at the park until sunset and then it got cool. We think there aren’t too many more weekends of this caliber before winter sets in here. It’s never terribly cold, but it is more consistently cold than Texas.  We enjoyed the day outdoors and we might have to look back on this one for a nice bit of weather until spring comes next year.

This week I start a new part time job. I scored a corporate gig at Samsung Fine Chemicals out near the petrochemical section of town. A group of 15-20 engineers  wants to improve their English as well as learn the western ways of rapport building since they do quite a bit of travel to other places.  It’s only one hour a day and only three times per week but its about $70 per hour. That should add a decent bit of beer money to my budget. I teach from 11:30am to 12:30pm, which gives me just enough time to scurry back to the west end of town, take the dogs out for a quick pee and poop and then off to school for another seven hours of teaching munchkins.

This weekend, by the way, marks four months from the end of my contract at the school. Unless I get a job at the university, which Aaron says he’ll try and help with, I’ll be back in Texas in four months. I need to get out my countdown script and polish it off and put it in the sidebar of this website.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Cheers and hope everyone is well.

The Doggie Run

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By , October 2, 2010 8:59 pm

It’s been a while since I took SaTang out for a run. Summer is just too hot for her to run as far as I usually go. Now that fall is here and she won’t overheat, I decided to take her out with me on the bike. Sparky doesn”t go to the hairshop like she’d been going – I think MyeongHee has decided it’s too much trouble to keep a pup at her shop – so I took her with us. This was a first for her. The basket I bought to hold SaTang is only good for 10kg. We just barely made that limit but I wanted to make sure both dogs physically fit in the basket before we attach it to the bike.

Well, they both fit as evidenced by the above picture. Sparkey isn’t so sure what the hell we’re about to do, but being all puppy she’s ready for just about anything.

So, basket firmly attached, we’re ready to ride. SaTang isn’t so sure why she has to share the basket with Sparky. She’s usually pretty psyched about getting to go but she seems little put out – even peeved. Ears down is a sign of not entirely happy.

But, a little distraction with a ‘hey look at me’ shout from MyeongHee and the ears are up and ready.  We only ride a short way with the dogs in the basket. Just far enough to get out of the neighborhood and away from the cars. We rode around the corner and up the hill to the farms behind Cheonsang. The farmers have paved quite a few one-lane roads in and around their patches of rice, bell-flower, sesame, and squash. There’s a few ponds back there, too.  Once out of the way of cars, both dogs had great fun running around and smelling anything and everything. Lots of flowers, trees and hills and it’s beautiful farm land.

The next day, I took them to the playground across the street from our apartment. Normally we have this place to ourselves in the mornings since all the kids are in school. But we were attacked by a pre-school mob of kids who came to the playground .

SaTang is well used to the kiddos and is usually very calm, even tolerant of the little turds as they do some heavy petting. Sparky, though, hasn’t gotten the hang of the kid thing and hangs back, sometimes cowering under me.

Here’s she hiding behind SaTang (the playground fence is out of view on her right) and stays just far enough away to keep from getting petted.

Poor Sparky. That’s a classic ‘help me’ look as the kids encroach on her space.

Don’t tell anyone, but I ended up smacking one of these little shits. He thought it would be fun to jump on the dog with both knees. SaTang jumped with a little yelp and I reacted with a backhand across his temple. No way he’d understand my angry English anyway. The smack was probably the only thing that would have worked. And it did. He went off crying to the teacher who brought the kids to the park. I don’t blame him – I blame the parents.  Still lots of fear and ignorance regarding dogs. Just today we came out of our apartment and a teenage girl dropped her book bag with a screech and hopped into a nearby truck bed to escape from my marauding hounds from hell, both of whom were probably wondering what the fuss was all about.

Anyway, enough of the dogs.

Tonight being Saturday I’m off to the closing night of the last foreigner bar in this city. This bar, Benchwarmers, has been in business for 6 years and the owners are tired of fighting each other for who is going to work what night, split what cost, give discounts to whom – oh! The Drama!

When I first came to Korea, the Korean owned bars and nightclubs operated differently than they do now. It was nearly impossible to buy a drink by the glass – one had to have a table and a single tab, which was paid at the end of the evening. Moreover, whisky or vodka was purchased by the bottle – a prohibitive expense at $125 a bottle or more. That was no problem for a group of people who arrive and leave together as Koreans often do. Koreans rarely go dutch, by the way. It may be his turn at this place but your turn at that place. A single tab was no issue.

For the come-and-go pub crawl crowd of foreigners who want to check out a bar, buy a drink, see who’s there and then move on to another bar that model doesn’t work.   Splitting a tab at the end of a night would be a headache, if not impossible.  There were only a few foreigner owned or foreigner friendly bars in town. These days, many Koreans have gotten smart and figured that the rigidity they imposed is the “old way” and many Korean owned bars offer drinks by the glass. Consequently, the bars have become a better mix of Koreans and foreigners instead of the either/or bar.

So, the last bar in Ulsan owned by a foreigner is closing tonight.  Should be a good party and lots of people will be there to help celebrate and/or commiserate. It will feel like old home week.  There are lots of places where foreigners go now.  It’s  nice, by the way, to walk in to any of them and find someone I know – that almost never happened back in Texas – being part of a small minority makes it easy to meet people in the same situation.  Don’t wait for pictures of this event. I don’t do pictures in bars often.

The Kids

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By , May 23, 2010 5:37 pm

SaTang and Sparky.

Sparky, by virtue of spending her days at the hairshop with MyeognHee gets the “beauty treatment” and has had her nails painted. SaTang, meanwhile, still prefers the rugged look and a cowboy scarf.

I’ve got some video of the dogs playing at the park but have yet to edit it and make it viewable. In the meantime, a single picture is all I have the time for.

Hope everyone is well. Ta ta for now.

Minor Reunions

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By , April 25, 2010 2:17 pm

Yesterday I went rock climbing with my usual friends and a few new ones. There’s always people coming and going here.  One of the new ones is Vanessa – a native of North Texas, former resident of Dallas and an alumni of my alma mater, University of North Texas. Als0 being a climber, she was a somewhat frequent climber at Stoneworks climbing gym at I-35 and Beltline in Carollton.  What are the odds.  Half way around the world but from the same place. She’ll probably climb with us again.

Another reunion of sorts was with my dogs. They got to play with one of the litter. We called her “GaMyeon” or “Mask”, but her new name is “Corker.”  Good friend and frequent climbing partner Dee is the new mommy to Corker. The pups and their mom, SaTang, played on the mountain while we climbed.

Dee holds her pup Corker while Sparky and Satang pose.

Travelin’ in Style

By , April 17, 2010 10:53 am

Since having bought the scooter, it’s gotten much easier to get up to the mountain to do some rock climbing. I’ve been up there the last several Saturdays and gotten some great climbing in.  I haven’t taken many pictures – seems like I have lots of pictures of people who asses from down below I can no longer recognize.

Getting there, however, is half the fun. In the car, SaTang just sat and watched the world go by, sometimes even sleeping as I drove. No more. Those days are over, baby.  She still likes going to the mountain and running around, chasing ground squirrels, barking at birds and begging for handouts from the Koreans who bring their entire kitchen when they climb.  If you want to get out and play, you’ve gotta make an effort. And she does extremely well sitting on the floorboard of the scooter.

SaTang rides in style up to Munsu Mountain

In case anyone is worried about safety, she’s wearing a harness and is attached to the bike via leash. If she falls off, I can yank her right back on without choking her. No worries about that, as she’s content just to sit between my feet and lean against my calves.

Never camera shy, SaTang gives the look

Sparky, one pup we decided to keep is too little (and too jumpy) to go up on Munsu. She’s cute as hell, but so far hasn’t proven quite as smart as her mama. Our climbing areas have a few meters of walking area between the cliff faces and the next drop-off, but I’m afraid she would just be too curious.  We might wait until she’s a little less puppy before taking her out and turning her into a full blown crag dog. In the meanwhile, she goes to MyeongHee’s hairshop where she’s fawned over by MH and her customers.

Sparky, still mostly furball, models her scarf

Almost Gone

By , March 24, 2010 12:10 pm

A last minute cancellation by one of MyeongHee’s friends almost left us holding four dogs. She was going to take two pups and at 9 weeks they were more than ready to go.  I had been holding off on serious training as that’s really the new owner’s prerogative. But they needed training or they needed to go. I spent a lot of time over the weekend posting messages and photos on facebook and on’s classifieds trying to get one or more of my many foreigner friends to adopt a dog.

On their last weekend together, the dogs sack out on the sofa together. From left are SaTang, Sparky, SaRang, and GaMyeon.

I found one friend, Dee, who was willing to take on a pup. Dee is a frequent rock climbing partner and serious doggie person. She is also sister to Fin, my partner on  She decided to take GaMyeon, who upon first introductions gave her lots of love and affection – she was supposed to –  I trained the pups hard on the “endear” command, just like other owners might teach their dog to “fetch” or “rollover.” It worked great and Dee and she hesitated only a little before calling back and taking her.

GaMyeon takes one last snooze in her bed before I carted her off to Dee’s house.

I had done some hard selling to my students, too, and SaRang is slated to go to set of brother and sister on Thursday or Friday this week. The kids’ mom came to see the pup Monday and will pick her up later after getting all the supplies and puppy-proofing their house.

After learning of the cancellation last week, I took drastic action and had MyeongHee take Sparky to the hairshop with her. She could get better training there than I could here since I no longer get a lunch break to take her out to pee.  She’s pretty cute and her hairshop customers all adore her.


So this week, it’s been me and SaTang and SaRang. Being the only pup, she’s settled down and I’ve gotten more attached to her. I’ll miss her – but not that much.

And it isn’t even the rainy season yet

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By , March 15, 2010 12:57 am

If it isn’t raining, you have to get outside and enjoy the day here. It will rain soon enough.

Lately, we’ve had just a few days of non-rain sprinkled in among the rainy or snowy days. Friday and Saturday were nice and on Saturday I took advantage of the weather and did some rock climbing. Awesome day, indeed. I got in several good routes and then headed into town to buy a scooter.

We’ve been operating on one set of wheels for three years and I finally decided I want to be more mobile than just the bicycle I’ve been riding. They’ll deliver the scooter today sometime – and it’s raining again. It’s supposed to rain for the next day or two so I likely won’t even get to ride my new toy when I get it. No big deal of a bike, its used and very cheap and only 125cc. But it will get me around without having to first shuttle MyeongHee off to work just to have the car.

As for riding the bicycle, that’s still a good deal. When I was home in December, Jessica bought me a new pair of jeans for Christmas. They fit great. Now, however, they fit like socks on a rooster. They hang on me. I have no idea what I weigh, but my waist is considerably smaller than it was in December.

We’re down to just three pups now. MyeongHee took the other male and gave it to her nephew. We have the three little females left and she’s everyday changing her mind on which she wants to keep. Two will go to a friend from her hairshop when she’s out of the hospital, hopefully this week.

On the left is GaMyeon(mask) and Gumdongi (brownie). Behind is SaRang (love) and then in the rear is Sparky.  I snapped these pictures on a snowy day just last week. Brownie’s feet – all four – are off the ground in a run toward me.  He’s off to the nephew’s house as of last Friday.

They weren’t really impressed with the snow. They sniffed it and gingerly walked around in it a bit, but would rather have been inside.

That’s all for now. Take care, everyone!

One down, three more to go.

By , March 8, 2010 12:57 am

One puppy went to a new home last night. A couple of English ladies took the biggest male, the one we’d been calling Gulum. They are calling him Davie. He’ll be fine. They’ve been very excited for weeks since they decided they wanted a pup.

MyeongHee cried a little when the puppy left last night. Just for a few minutes. She’s fine today. But the dog that went was her least favorite. We’ll see how it goes with the others she likes much more.

Three more should go this week. The mostly brownish male will go to MyeongHee’s nephew’s girlfriend. And two others will go to one of her hairshop friends. That’ll leave us with just one pup, GaMyeon (mask) the smallest of the puppies. She’ll take her to the hairshop with her and then home every night.

The mother, SaTang, on the other hand has turned into quite a problem. She seems to be having control problems. For 3 years she’s done well about going outside for her potty business. Lately, she’s been scratching at our bedroom door early in the morning to be taken out. But as soon as the bedroom door is opened, she’ll pee. A lot. Last week, it was poo, and I hurried her out to the back veranda rather than downstairs and across the street to the park. She left some poo, but seemed rather upset about it all day.

Today, she scratched at the door and I immediately got up to take her out. She made it outside to the veranda without peeing and I left her there for about 3-4 minutes. When I went to check on her, as soon as I opened the door she came into the hallway. THEN she pee’d – a lot – in the hallway in front of our door. Why she couldn’t have done it when she was outside and she waited until she was semi-inside? Beats me. I’m trying not to beat her.

There’s some dog psychology at work here and I’m not sure what’s going on. Talking to the vet here will not be possible unless I get MyeongHee to do the talking. I still suspect that even a conversation in Korean won’t help – Koreans have a different take on pets than Americans do. They have a different take on psychology, too. It’s subtle, but psychology isn’t among the issues that comes up with pets. No surprise, as psychology isn’t an issue they’ll discuss about people, either. Going to a psychologist is still considered an admission of weakness, or worse, craziness.

Any insight any American readers have on what my dog is dealing with would be appreciated.

One more puppy video

By , February 28, 2010 12:13 pm

They’re six weeks old. A couple of them are ready to go to their new owners. Although it’s possible I might get one more video of them all, this could be the last of them all, and in a sense is already not with Byeol, the little one gone to doggie heaven.  Next weekend we’ll take Gomdungi, the little brown one, to MyeongHee’s nephew. Gulumi, the big white male, will go to his new owners this week.

Having said that enjoy, perhaps the last, of the puppy videos.

And Then There Were Five

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By , February 25, 2010 12:14 pm

One of the pups dies this morning. Over the past week or so, they’d gotten pretty active.  Each morning when we woke up, they would all clamor to get out of the pen. It had become part of the routine to take one or two and hold them, give one to MyeongHee and give one or two to DongHyun. They’d calm down after a little attention – and we all liked holding the little boogers.

I had two of them on my lap this morning. I was holding them, sipping coffee and reading the news on my computer. One of the pups, Byeol, wandered too close to the edge of my lap and fell.  She fell hard. She didn’t get a chance to catch herself on her paws and landed on the back of her head with a thud. She didn’t move. I knew she was hurt bad as blood was coming out of her nose and mouth – not much, but a hit on the back of the head that produces blood in any amount is bad.  After a minute she wiggled some and DongHyun rushed her to the animal clinic around the corner. Too late. The Dr. checked her out but within an hour or so she died.

It’s been a sad day here at our house.

Ironically, one of my students gave me a gift for the puppies today. She made a set of pillows for the dogs. She’s just a little girl, only 8 (6 or 7 in our counting) and had just stuffed some cloth with more cloth and wrapped the two ends with rubber bands.  They might have come in handy had we had them earlier 🙂

Puppies and Kids – Just like Kimchi and Rice

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By , February 24, 2010 12:12 pm

You can’t keep kids away from them.  I brought the puppies to the park before I went to work to give them some exercise. Within minutes we were swamped with kids. We used to attract a few kids when it was just me and SaTang, but with her and six puppies we always get a crowd.

From the left is my school owner’s daughter, Nae-Young, the director’s son, Min Joon, Na-Young’s twin sister, Tae-Young, a student at the school who I only know as Tom, and three kids who I don’t know but wouldn’t leave the pups alone.  Everybody had a puppy and everyone was happy.

Puppy Fashion

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By , February 17, 2010 12:22 pm

I put some scarves on the pups when they were only a week or so old. Too cute, but the scarves were almost bigger than they were. Now that they’re nearly 5 weeks old and running around they’re much cuter.  I couldn’t resist sharing a bit more. It won’t be long before they’re off to their new homes, so I’m enjoying the playtime.

Another short puppy video

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By , February 12, 2010 3:27 am

For the puppy lovers out there.


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By , February 6, 2010 1:25 am

Just a cute picture I snapped of SaTang and three of her pups. I had a piece of sheepskin draped over a corner of the box and Satang used it as a pillow. These three followed suit and quickly lost consciousness in the soft tufts of fur.

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