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New Gig

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By , May 9, 2012 10:46 am

I still have the old jobs but recently added a new one. I started a part time job at one of the ship building plants on the coast last week. Just another English teaching position, mostly conversation with a bit of grammar – EduTainment.  But the shipyard atmosphere makes it a little exciting.  Surrounded by huge chunks of hull that lay about the grounds, dozens of men welding on various pieces and hammers, jacks and noise of all sorts makes it a busy place. This isn’t one of the big shipyards that Hyundai owns but a smaller company on the south end of town.  I start work at 6:30pm, which seems to be shift change for several hundred workers. Getting in while so many are getting out is a challenge since traffic laws and lights are routinely ignored in most parts of Korea but at this time and place may as well not even exist.


the view outside our classroom

Yes the air is that dirty. We have had a rash if dust from the Gobi desert in Mongolia blow in this week.

That’s Entertainment

By , August 29, 2011 11:59 am

Well, sort of. At least that’s what Koreans like. But coming from the land of a billion singing rooms where people go to sing and drink every night, this is no great surprise.

This is MyeongHee’s son, DongHyun, performing with a group from his health club in an “original indoor jacky spinning performance.”  That literally what it says in Korean behind the performers. I have no idea what jacky spinning is, but I’m guessing that loud music and exercise is part of it. It was so loud, in fact, that the audio simply crushed the microphone in my camera. Just about all you hear is the bass and I edited it heavily with my movie tools to make it a bit less like torture to listen to. To be fair, it sounded much better live than on camera. The performance, done in the middle of a large shopping plaza, drew quite a crowd. The people watching was almost as much fun as the performance.

Jacky Spinning!

DongHyun is the one with the ball cap and Angry Birds shirt

Dance, dance machine!

DongHyun has been home all summer and has been hitting the health club twice a day. Part of that was practicing for this performance and partly because next year he’ll do his two years in the military and needs to transform himself from stick boy to something a little more rugged.  He’s put on a little muscle in two months, although I have few pictures of the before era to prove it.

The entire performance was almost an hour of dance-cum-cycling. Interesting, danceable and even enjoyable. But nothing I’d go out of my way to see again. More likely, an extended advertisement for the health club. DongHyun had fun doing it and practicing with the other members, most of which were older women. After the performance, MyeongHee and I went to a birthday party with some friends while DongHyun went out to party with his dance troupe. I hope the older women jumped his bones.

Anyway, it’s almost September and now he’s off to university again. MyeongHee are once again empty-nesters for a while.

Hope everyone else is doing well.


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