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Internal Strife: Who needs middle-eastern terrorists when a group of disgruntled American citizens waging a class war can do the job?


What begins with the rape of a Downs syndrome girl ends with nearly the entire city of Dallas, Texas in flames. Robert Leyton has no idea that his brutal act of rape will ignite civil unrest. When the victim's father, Jorge Hernandez, takes revenge into his own hands and severely beats Robert, the legal system's flaws are thrown into sharp relief. Robert's family has money and connections and his team of lawyers procures for Robert a light sentence. Meanwhile, charged with aggravated assault but not having the money for more a minimal defense, Jorge is given a much harsher sentence. The resulting lopsided sentences enrage the local population and provide an opportunity for the darker elements within Dallas to further their own cause.


The Faction, a little known but highly active modern day "Robin Hood" organization, uses the situation to their advantage to point out the inherent unfairness of the American legal system. At the core of the Faction, however, are a cadre of domestic terrorists whose ultimate goal is the total destruction of the local, state and federal governments. Fomenting public furor against the warped sentences of Leyton and Hernandez, the Faction begins an aggressive campaign to change the legal system by whatever means available.


Prosecuting attorney Sam West and news reporter Emily Brooks struggle to expose the Faction's true motives and prevent the dilemma from expanding into a full-scale civil war of the haves vs. the have-nots.

Over 400 pages of action-packed excitement of intrigue, legal maneuvering, ruthless violence and mayhem.

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